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Modern Agile ways of working emphasise the benefits of bringing together business representation (Product owners) with development teams. This means everyone is focused on a shared understanding of “value”: identifying who the product is for, what the user is trying to achieve, and how this benefits the business/organisation. Just as Agile practitioners have matured, business and product practitioners have also evolved, acknowledging the need to observe, to understand, to hypothesise, and to get feedback from customers.

Design professionals realize the important truth: we are not our users. User experience professionals are using design thinking methods to glean insights into how to make users awesome! And yet, there is a natural tension between upfront understanding and getting real feedback.

We have a keen interest in low carbon innovation and technology, and are undertaking both primary and secondary research into how new technology and innovation will impact future business models and new products and services.
We are also engaging and conducting market research in how customers, as well as client organisations, view market innovations, along with consumer behaviour and gap analysis.

For clients in the market or who are embarking on a green strategy, we can provide commercial insight and consultancy in developing new service and business models.We have particular experience in small and startup organisations, and continue to research into the ever-changing landscape of new tech startups and new business development, to gain further understanding of the critical success factors and evidencing the challenges that founders and new business owners currently face and what contributes to success, however on how success is defined.

As a small business itself, our consultancy has direct experience of the challenges of having to cover a number of business disciplines and can assist and provide a partnering service to owners or founders, predominately business processes, service design and internal finance function design. Technology and delivering services holistically using new business models remains a challenge for all stakeholders concerned, our consultancy is gathering research to gain further understanding on the critical success factors and how the best outcomes can be achieved.

We have direct experience working on health and social care transformation programmes, and trying to develop operating models best combining the two. This direct subject matter experience, at all stages of the user journey, has proved invaluable as a backdrop to assist clients in trying to develop new strategic thinking and service delivery.

"Solid foundations are one of the main aspects of delivering a successful project."

All activities are focused on providing tangible business value.


All activities are focused on providing (business) value through ensuring a useful, usable and engaging product.


The customer is not defined as the project stakeholders, but the end users as well.

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User Research

We connect across ubiquitous experiences to help brands deliver the right experiences at the right place and time for their customers.

Financial & business project activities

We are able to provide clients with the all important dedicated finance resource, whether it be finance lead, analyst or modeller; for projects where is a strain on availability or skill gap within their existing teams.

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We focus on value creation for clients and use integrated approaches to deliver pragmatic transformation solutions and benefits at a pace.


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We supply consultancy and interim solutions to digital and service design projects businesses across the UK and globally.
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