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29 September 2022


Our client is looking for a digital portfolio management to deliver information capability projects in the maritime domain, including business and operational networks, bearer systems, IT systems and applications. This includes projects that exploit digital technologies that can improve and enhance the lived experience of personnel deployed in ships, and other Naval Units. The development of management techniques that allow the rapid trial and deployment of commercially off the shelf technologies and software to improve operational and operational enabling outcomes. Development of innovative approaches to ICT/C5ISR in-service capability management within the Royal Navy including through-life costing and budgeting.

Essential skillset:

  • Experience in resourcing the delivery of C5ISR/ICT digital programmes and projects in a complex maritime environment.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of MoD structures and policies as they relate to the digital and information outcomes in the maritime domain.
  • Experience of budgeting and forecasting in relation to digital and information requirements using the Annual Budgeting Cycle (ABC) methodology.
  • Experience of in-year delivery of a high value ICT based multi-disciplinary digital portfolio.
  • Contribute to and deliver High Level Design (HLD) solutions for digital outcomes ensuring that all relevant lines of development are funded and deliverable.
  • Experience of maritime warfare and operations and the interdependence on information and digital services and outcomes delivering operational effects.
  • Experience developing and defining digital, information and cloud-based requirements to enable naval and maritime outcomes through commercial MoD and government framework interaction.
  • Knowledge and experience in the application of MoD standards for ICT, information security, digital design, delivery, compliance, safety, maritime integration and operations.
  • Experienced in military and maritime commercial satellite communications requirements, operations, planning, funding approvals and cost management processes.
  • Experienced in the management of UK maritime radio licensing, OFCOM, regulations and relationship management.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ITU Radio Regulations for maritime mobile services and SOLAS/GMDSS requirements for the maritime environment.
  • Experience in the provision and management of global maritime communications services.
  • Ability to understand complex user and operational issues and provide options for resolution across a multi-stakeholder digital based environment spanning MOD, PAGs, and international partners.
  • Experience in MDA systems and operation, their world-wide exploitation and use by HMG departments, international civil and military partners, and inter-governmental organisations.
  • Demonstrate understanding of HMG maritime security strategy and policy.
  • Demonstrate ability to represent Maritime stakeholder interests at national and international meetings/forums where exploitation of information and data is discussed.

Nice-to-have skills and experience:

  • Experience in the preparation and operation of commercial frameworks for the provision of cloud services, digital outcomes, specialists and technical products and services.
  • Experience developing and translating digital outcomes and structuring as requirements for costing, contracting, delivering, monitoring, and reporting.
  • Demonstrate knowledge in costing and cost management of data and information services and analysing outcomes to structure for efficiency.
  • An understanding of maritime digital capability development, delivery and resourcing of Information Exchange Requirements (IER) as part of generating naval ships, platforms and organisational elements for operations.

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